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UCSD Journal Of Undergraduate Research

Journal of Undergraduate Research:

  • The Journal of Undergraduate Research is published at the end of each academic year. 
  • Deadline: Submit your items to the USGrants office by the Friday of 4th week of following Quarter. (Ex. Fall grant recipient will submit final journal entry by Friday, 4th week of Winter quarter via email) 



  • Research papers are defined as papers in which a student researches a topic and writes about their research experience.
  • Research papers for the Journal for Undergraduate Research are not meant to be research papers in the sense of papers one would find in the professional world (as in Science or Nature, for example), but should be targeted at the undergraduate level.
  • Submissions should be NO MORE than 1 page in length. This submission should be a brief synopsis of your work.
  • The goal of the journal to is to share with the undergraduate populace about the great diversity of research projects being conducted here at UCSD, and to encourage more students to pursue their research interests, whatever domain that may entail (ecology, organic chemistry, visual arts, etc.).


  • One FINAL DRAFT of your paper to be reviewed. This paper should proofread and should include any sources used for the paper. *Should not exceed a page in length
  • Any supporting media such as images, pictures, diagrams and etc.
  • One electronic backup copy of all items you will be submitting in any of the following formats:
    • Burned CD (please label CD accordingly)


  • Notification will be mailed out to inform you whether or not your paper will be published.
  • 2 Free copies of the Undergraduate Journal of Research will be provided to each journal participant via pickup or mailed out from the USGrants office.


Please contact the USGrants office for any further information or questions regarding the Journal for Undergraduate Research.
We are here to help you get your research published and will try to work with you as best we can.
Questions? Contact us at:
Location: Fourth Floor of the Price Center