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AS Undergraduate Scholastic Grants

All guidelines are subject to change without notification; a reasonable attempt will be made to contact you in the event of a change.

AS Grants is looking for undergraduate projects which enhance the academic experience of undergraduates. We are able to do this by providing monetary support to student-initiated research projects or academic related outreach programs. In this capacity, AS Grants seeks to foster an environment of academic curiosity which reaches beyond the scope of the classroom. Quarterly, AS Grants selects students with outstanding research proposals from all disciplines at UCSD for grants. AS Grants also provides funding for travel to allow students to exhibit their work, to enter in competitions with other researchers, and to learn about similar projects at locations away from UCSD.

In structuring your proposal, be clear, concise and thorough. Keep in mind that your application will not only disclose information about your project, but will also be representative of the kind of work you produce. Please explain any pertinent information about your project which may seem obvious to you, but might not be to someone outside your field of research (i.e. why do you need two different detergents which both perform the same function lysing cell membranes?)

A complete application is required. An incomplete application runs the risk of being rejected. Please divide your application into the following 6 sections in this order:


Proposal: This section should give a brief summary and description of the project. This should not be an in-depth, technical thesis but rather a way of  generally acquainting us with your project. In doing so, be sure to include information regarding the specific aim(s) of your project, how you intend to accomplish this aim, and your motivation for undertaking this project. Also include a brief description of relevant past experience. Explain how your research will contribute to the progression of the field of study & society as a whole. 

Timeline: This section should provide us with an outline of what you intend to do over the course of the quarter and when. One possible way to organize this is in a week by week schedule. If this format does not fit well with your project, other formats are acceptable. The important point is to show how much thought you have put into how to best accomplish your project over an extended period of time.

Budget: This should include a detailed, itemized list of the supplies you will need for your project. Include three price sources for each item. If you cannot find 3 pricing sources, please explain why in the budget justification section.

Budget Justification: This section should justify each item in your budget and explain its specific use for the project.

**Dissemination (REQUIRED): Discuss how you plan to present your completed project. You will submit your findings or results to the Office of Academic Affairs to be published in our annual Journal of Undergraduate Research. Also consider other venues for displaying your project! Ex.) The Loft video screen, the glass display cases in the corridors of Price Center, etc.


Other information about AS Grants:

  • You are eligible to apply for a AS Grants Undergraduate Research Grant if you have not received a grant for more than 3 consecutive quarters.
  • You must have a faculty member sponsor your research project.
  • Competitions cannot be funded
  • Grants are awarded quarterly.
  • Decisions will be made by Friday of 5th week or by Friday of 10th week. You will be notified by email and asked to schedule an appointment with a representative of the Academic Affairs Office to discuss your grant and sign your contract. Personal information may be required in order for UCSD to reimburse grant recipients. 

Funding Rules

  • Re-recordable Media (DVR, CDR, etc)- Limit $100

Printing (Special circumstances only)

    • Flyers- Limit of $50
    • Journals/Magazines- Limit of $200
  • Hiring: Recipients cannot pay salaries to themselves or to others who assist the project. i.e. lab assistants, actors, subjects.
  • Project Travel: Recipients will not be reimbursed for any project-related travel. AS Grants only provides travel reimbursements for conferences where you can present your work.
  • Permanent Equipment (will require special circumstances): Permanent items such as cameras, lenses, video-cameras, drills, electric appliances, or novelty items, i.e. pinball machines, used cars, roller skates, etc. may not be funded regardless of its importance. These items can be considered items of profit and we only wish to fund those students interested in the academic and life experience involved with completing their project and not the monetary benefit from such funding.
  • Rentals: Permitted on a case by case basis.
  • Postage, phone calls, food, or lodging: These expenses are of a personal nature and must be covered by the recipient.
  • Past Expenses: We cannot process or reimburse you for any spending done prior to the day of the grant awarded.
  • Budget Approvals: Only the items approved by the AS Grants office in your budget can be purchased using your funds. Upon receiving your grant, the US Grants office will personally review your budget with you and notify you as to what items have been accepted. Please keep records of all your project-related spending in the form of receipts, packing slips, etc. for this purpose. We will not be able to fund you without this proof.
  • Journal of Undergraduate Research. We request that you include a photo of yourself when you submit the final journal entry along with any other information you have. Please submit it exactly as you would like it to be published following the "journal entry guideline"
  • Note: We do not fund for departmental projects. Funding from AS Grants is for UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH OR ACADEMIC OUTREACH ONLY. Regardless of the importance of an item to your project, it must adhere to our rules.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the AVP Academic Affairs at