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  1. All guidelines are subject to change without notice at any time and will be strictly held.
  2. Should guidelines change, all affected persons will be contacted.
  3. The general rules apply throughout the year; however, some quarters may mandate minor modifications to accommodate the students’ and office’s needs.

-        How will I know if I have been funded?

o       You will be notified by Email by 11:59 PM on Friday of the fifth week of the quarter.  If funded, you will be asked to schedule a meeting with a representative of the Office of Academic Affairs to sign a contract and will then officially be cleared to start spending your allocation.

-        What is the average grant amount?

o       The amounts are given on a case by case basis and a typical figure varies.  Nevertheless, some applicants may get more while others are awarded less.

-        If my project requires more that $500 how likely am I to get that?

o       We ask applicants to include all the expenses that are covered by AS Grants regulations in their applications. As there no set amount, it is the quality of the application that determines the funds awarded. The "average" amount is presented solely to give students an idea of what they can receive.

-        Where do the funds for AS Grants come from?

o       AS Grants funding your Student Activity Fee paid to the Associated Students.

-        Why can't graduate students apply for a grant?

o       AS Grants is an undergraduate program; graduate students have personal funding from other sources. AS Grants is designed to give undergraduates practical research experience.


Application Questions

-        How long should the proposal be?

o       Refer to guidelines printed in the application (4 paragraphs or 1-2 pages is sufficient). Always use your personal sense of judgment; write however much it takes to completely and thoroughly cover what is asked for in the application.

-        What if I cannot find three sources for all of my items?

o       It is understood that sometimes you will not be able to find three sources for all your items, yet you must explain the reason for each item.

-        What happens if there are unforeseen changes to my timeline?

o       Make your timeline as detailed as possible. Show that you have taken special care in planning your project. A week-by-week schedule will do. Our experience has been that there are almost always unforeseen changes in a timeline. Adhere to your timeline as much as possible, but do tell us of any changes that happen in the process. As long as we know the reasons there should not be a problem.

-        What if, for some reason, I cannot get purchase an item in my budget or absolutely must exchange it for another item?

o       You will need to Email the AVP of Academic Affairs ( and state your situation and reasons. We will try to work out a favorable solution.

Other Things You Should Know

-        Grant reimbursements are issued in the form of a university check and will be mailed to the address listed on your application.  If you are expecting a university check during the last weeks of the quarter, the reimbursement process may take upwards of one month, so please be patient.

-        Receipts:

o       All receipts must be originals.

o       It is highly recommended that you submit your credit card statement highlighting the items to be reimbursed along with the receipts in order to expedite the process.

o       The receipt must at least include the store name, unit name, tax, and unit price.

§         Credit Card receipts in which the previously stated information is nonexistent will be rejected.

o       If the receipt has the name of buyer on it, that name must belong to the Grant Recipient. There will be no reimbursement for receipts with names other than the Grant Recipient's.

-         journal Entry:

o       As a part of your receipt of funds, you agree to submit your work for consideration in the Journal of Economic Research and the AS Grants Symposium. 

o       No further reimbursements will be made for a Recipient who has an incomplete or missing forms.